Saturday, September 25, 2010

New fabrics and a runner

This is the tablerunner I made from the Park Avenue fabrics by 3 sisters from moda. I would like to have made a quilt from this range but I didn't have time.
Some new fabrics that have just arrived. Sorry they are sideways.

I have been very busy writing up patterns today. I haven't started sewing yet but hope to soon.

Did a little cooking yesterday and made chocolate brownies to take to a friends place last night.
They must have been good cos they didn't last long. It has seemed like a long weekend, because we had a quick trip to Hobart on Friday night, dinner with Lauren, back to the shop on Saturday and out for dinner with our friends. I also made a fruit cake yesterday and there is still some left, so the Monday night girls will be happy when I take some in for them. I will also take a piece for Leanne :)

The small photo above is fabric from the Adelaide Collection by Michele Hill. I am about to start sewing the first block in her new BOM.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clare's quilts

As promised here are a couple of pictures of Clare's quilts. Sorry they are not great photos. To find out more go to Clare's blog. She has lots more photos and info.
Keep quilting

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here are two of my latest quilts. I've had a nine patch addiction for a long time. These are both variations of the magic ninepatch. Where you make simple nine patch blocks, cut them twice through the centre rearrange them and then restitch into new blocks. They will be available as kits very soon. I have some lovely quilts on loan, from Clare of Clares Place, on display in the shop at the moment. I will post pictures and details next post.

Keep quilting.

Where have I been?

Winter is obviously very busy for me and this year seems to have been even more so. I did take last week off and we had a little holiday down south. A few days in Hobart and a couple on Bruny Is. This is the view from the lookout on the neck between north and south Bruny.
And a bit of late snow on Mt Wellington. I am so glad we live in the north, it is much warmer.
I have completed a few projects using nine patches recently so next post I will show you the results.
Keep quilting