Saturday, February 8, 2014

Photo problems

My apologies for not posting here this year.  During the past six weeks I have encountered a problem uploading photos.  All my efforts to correct this problem have failed, causing extreme frustration.
I will have to source a professional helper. In the meantime the new shop is still making me happy, don't know if I have slowed down at all, new projects are happening, the machine quilting is coming along very well, classes are just starting to happen for the new year and still more new fabrics are appearing.
Sorry I can't show the photos here at the moment, I will keep trying.
In the meantime you may like to  look at my facebook page - you don't need to join facebook to look at this page only if you wish to comment etc.
 Or if you go to instagram and search for esmespatchwork you will also find pictures and info.