Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Moving on....

To all the lovely people that follow my blog, Thank You.  It has been difficult for me to keep up the blog posts and sometimes I question why I keep the blog going, but I know many people read it so I will keep on.

The big news is - we have finally moved the shop.
The new address is Shop1, 216 Charles Street , Launceston. (Jimmy's Shopping Complex)

The new shop front and an inadvertent shot of me!

I have signs (and hopefully telephone lines today)

A new quilt featured in our new window display and quilted by me as well as pieced.

Some highlights of the Deloraine Craft Fair last Saturday (I was let out for a few hours).
Alpacas and below Ken Smith and his work.

And despite all this I have finished all the blocks for Homespun's It's Time for Christmas- now just to get the borders on and quilt it.

So if you have managed to get this far, Thank You again and please drop into the new shop and have a cuppa with me and check out the new displays and new fabrics.
Happy Quilting

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Catching up

It's been a busy few months, but I think I may be catching up on a few projects. The Homespun Christmas BOM fell a little behind so I put a bit more effort in and now I only have to finish block eight and I will be ready for the final instalment.

Chateau Hexagon is almost caught up with blocks 1 - 4 completed and the new one started.

Here's my chevron quilt which only needs to be quilted.

Another Craftsy block finished, only three to go!

And a little play on the longarm at the weekend. I quilted this baby quilt that Lauren had made.  Good fun but a lot more practice required.

Many new fabrics coming in. Tilda's new ranges - The Corner Shop and Sweet Christmas, some more fun Christmas fabrics and lots of new precuts from Moda.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spring sewing

Well we have recovered from our floods, the new carpet looks great, the new shop layout has opened up the area significantly and when I get all the fabrics arranged nicely it will seem
just like a new shop! New fabrics and precuts are arriving regularly.
This week has forced me to take a new look at my blog after a friend told me it was boring!
She's still my friend - I think. :)
I will try and keep it more up to date.
I finished a new cushion on Friday using a template from Zoe Clifton Designs. The cushion took no time at all to piece using Zoe's template.  I think I now need to make a quilt with it.

I received these pinwheel templates this week and I have started to play with them.

I am making up a quilt using 5" squares at the moment.  The pattern on the back says to use
9" squares sewn together so I will do that next. This is so easy, make a four patch, place the template on top and position it using the guide lines, then cut around the template.


This is as far as I have progressed, need more time at the machine.

And to finish - another lovely friend from Hobart delivered some doiley's , hankies and lots of other goodies yesterday. The doiley quilt will soon happen!

The last of my spring daffodils, but more beautiful flowers are appearing in the garden
 -despite the weeds.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Launceston Downpour Tuesday 13-8 –2013

Overnight on Tuesday Launceston received over 50mm of rain.  While that is not a lot in some areas, it is very large for Launceston.  As a result of the local infrastructure unable to handle this volume Esmes Patchwork was flooded with a loss of over300 bolts of fabric. Inventory on the website will be reduced dramatically as a result of this. Please bear with us while we update the site and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

July finishes

I have been very productive this month and finished a few projects. Above is  a cushion and pincushion made from Happy-go-lucky. The hexagons are new precuts and I have almost finished putting a small quilt together with them.
Precuts are so quick to make up. The 2 1/2" squares go together so easily and fast. The cushion below also uses these squares as well from the 3 sisters Lario range. The stitchery design is one of Helen Stubbings.

And another finish- block 2 of Chateau Hexagon.
We still have a few of these left.
And on a miserable wet Sunday I am getting some time at the machine, hopefully to finish off more projects. It would be easier if there wasn't so much new fabric coming in to tempt me!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

New from my iPad

 We went to Longford this morning to take photos of some quilts in natural settings. The first quilt is one I have played with in an app that I downloaded. It is my new Tilda quilt.  The next photo is my Year quilt that I have also played with. This has been a big learning curve once again. I just hope these will now upload. Working on the iPad is still very challenging for me.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Christmas blocks finished

My absence from blogger for a month can be explained by the photo above.
Last month my daughter introduced me to instagram. Now this has been a great experience, but it has also been consuming a lot of time. I have learned heaps and one of the best things has been learning how to make collages - as shown in the photo. I have also been learning how to download apps and how to lose all your info from your iphone! Some info has been found but a lot was lost to cyberspace never to be seen again. So I will now try and catch up with what has been happening.

Kim whipped up this bag really quickly last week using some Boho fabric.

Here's another photo collage from Stanley. A lovely weekend away with great weather and a climb to the top of the Nut. Great perseverance was shown and I did make it to the top!
The next three photos show new fabric from Lynette Anderson, Nancy Rink and treasures from Shabby Chic.
Now I am using my iphone so much I will try to update the blog from there in a more timely fashion.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hexagon madness

It appears I have infected some of my students with the hexagon craze.
Carol is using La Belle Fleur to make her hexagons.

Christine has used Paris Flea Market to make this beautiful table centre.

Here's Ann working with Jubilee to make these beautiful hexagons that will soon be made into something wonderful.

 Donna is making great progress with her hexagons and Tilda fabric, below.

And Judy's Japanese fabrics seem to change shape each week.

Block 1 of Chateau Hexagon is finished. I did have a small hiccup with the appliqued pots.

This was last nights effort before the unpicking.  Too much wine at the weekend, maybe!!
And today I had a play with some music sheets and doileys to make some bunting.
They have been sewn together and are hanging in the shop, but I forgot to photograph them!
Next post I hope.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finishing projects

Some projects take a while to get finished. This bag has been sitting around since Christmas, but I finally finished it.

Other  projects take only a couple of days. This wombat quilt came together very quickly and now just needs Leanne to quilt it and someone to take a quality photo to do it justice!

I am keeping up with my "It's time for Christmas" project. I have joined the first three blocks together in a slightly altered format. How many of you are working on this Homespun magazine quilt? And are you keeping up?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chateau Hexagon

Chateau Hexagon Image WEB

We love Lynettes  button clubs so much that we have signed up to participate in Chateau Hexagon. This will start very soon so email me to put your name down. These are some of fabrics we will be using and I have even made a start on the hexagons using Helen's hexies. See Lynette's tutorial on her blog, they are so easy, quick and fun.