Saturday, July 6, 2013

More Christmas blocks finished

My absence from blogger for a month can be explained by the photo above.
Last month my daughter introduced me to instagram. Now this has been a great experience, but it has also been consuming a lot of time. I have learned heaps and one of the best things has been learning how to make collages - as shown in the photo. I have also been learning how to download apps and how to lose all your info from your iphone! Some info has been found but a lot was lost to cyberspace never to be seen again. So I will now try and catch up with what has been happening.

Kim whipped up this bag really quickly last week using some Boho fabric.

Here's another photo collage from Stanley. A lovely weekend away with great weather and a climb to the top of the Nut. Great perseverance was shown and I did make it to the top!
The next three photos show new fabric from Lynette Anderson, Nancy Rink and treasures from Shabby Chic.
Now I am using my iphone so much I will try to update the blog from there in a more timely fashion.


  1. Hi Lillian.. sounds like you have been very busy lately.. Love the Christmas blocks... :)

  2. Great pics from the Nut at Stanley.. Looks like great weather ...
    The Christmas blocks are coming along nicely and that fabric is just gorgeous.
    Hugs pat ..:))

  3. The Nancy Rink Christmas material is lovely. I am cherishing my green fat quarter. I shall use it soon though!! Love the bag!!! Well done on reaching the summit if The Nut. Your collages are very good, well done. I like Santa and the startled deer!!!

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments