Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spring sewing

Well we have recovered from our floods, the new carpet looks great, the new shop layout has opened up the area significantly and when I get all the fabrics arranged nicely it will seem
just like a new shop! New fabrics and precuts are arriving regularly.
This week has forced me to take a new look at my blog after a friend told me it was boring!
She's still my friend - I think. :)
I will try and keep it more up to date.
I finished a new cushion on Friday using a template from Zoe Clifton Designs. The cushion took no time at all to piece using Zoe's template.  I think I now need to make a quilt with it.

I received these pinwheel templates this week and I have started to play with them.

I am making up a quilt using 5" squares at the moment.  The pattern on the back says to use
9" squares sewn together so I will do that next. This is so easy, make a four patch, place the template on top and position it using the guide lines, then cut around the template.


This is as far as I have progressed, need more time at the machine.

And to finish - another lovely friend from Hobart delivered some doiley's , hankies and lots of other goodies yesterday. The doiley quilt will soon happen!

The last of my spring daffodils, but more beautiful flowers are appearing in the garden
 -despite the weeds.

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  1. Very nice cushion, I like the colours. How clever is that little template tool?? It is definitely Spring, our bulbs are out too, they are accidental!!