Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mid week drama

We had a bit of excitement on Wednesday. Having a two story house makes it a little difficult to wash the outsides of our windows so we arranged for Jason to clean them. Luckily he was nearby when an electrical spark ignited a birds nest in the eaves. Fortunately there was very little damage, his other job is firefighting, so he new just what to do. We had a fire engine turn up, three firemen, two police cars, two policemen , one policewoman, one Aurora man and an electrician. Such a lot of people for one little fire. And apparently Win TV turned up as well, but Jason sent him away.
Many thanks to Jason for preventing any damage and saving Number One Son and my quilts.

I have finished the second block of Peacock's Garden and two from the Adelaide Floral Sampler.

Sorry, this one is sideways.

We had a lovelyDear Jane Day yesterday, very relaxing for me, and I even made one and a half new DJ blocks. I will show pictures soon.


  1. You have been very busy and such complicated work too.
    I am so glad your quilts and everything else (!!) are safe. Wow, that was very lucky. Not sure about being on the news either!!

  2. Who would have thought window washing could be such an adventure!
    Kathy G

    PS - after all the excitement, did the windows manage to be cleaned? :)

  3. OMG.. So thankful you are all ok and that your beautiful quilts are safe..:))