Sunday, July 10, 2011

A big month

Yes, I'm still here. It has been the busiest month that I can remember. In June we managed to stay in three capital cities. A record for me. We spent a last weekend in Hobart with Lauren before she moved home to Launceston. We are already missing her little place.

Next trip was to Sydney. How lucky was I that Terry had to go to a conference on the same weekend as Quilt Expo. I spent a lovely day catching up with some friends, including Gail ( above). On Sunday we took the ferry to Manly and it was a beautiful day, felt like summer.

We also had a few days in Melbourne at the end of the month. Found a few craft places and saw the wonderful Tutankhamun exhibition. The worst thing about travelling has been catching a couple of colds. I can't wait to feel normal again. Can't remember the last time I took time off for a cold! And I have to learn how to be sympathetic to those around me who have been very nice to me lately.

And the best thing happened today - we finished stocktake! I managed to put it off a week this year. It's all done til next year.

Look out for our big news soon - we are part of Quiltaid.

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  1. We all understand busy - and I certainly understand the misery of the simple cold. You know it's not going to kill you, but.... With my snuffles, cough and runny eyes I haven't even felt like sewing much.

    All the trips sound great and a weekend at home (even if it did include stocktaking!) is all the more wonderful after time away.