Monday, April 8, 2013

Trying to keep up.

I thought I was going to post more often this year, but it appears I can't change.
I have been very good at finishing my Homespun Christmas stitcheries.

                                This quilt looks much better finished, thanks to Leanne's quilting.

                             And this one will also look great as soon as we get time to quilt it.
                            An old favourite that I have made with new fabric.

We enjoyed a lovely Easter at home visiting some of the events around the state.
This was at the start of the 3 Peaks Race. A very enjoyable day.

Then we headed to Sheffield for another  great day. Catching up with some older murals and watching new ones evolve.

I apologise to anyone that came to the shop on Saturday when we were closed. I had a touch of vertigo and wasn't able to open. I am fully okay and hope I don't have any more episodes!
Thank you to all those that left comments on my facebook page.


  1. Sorry to read you have not been well, It is harder to manage when running a business ..
    Lovely pics of your work ,3 Peaks and Sheffield.. Oh to be able to paint a scene like that..
    Hugs pat :))

  2. Hi Lillian.. Hope you are feeling much better now. Not a good thing to have.. Nice pics, like your quilts and the murals.. Keep well..

  3. Thanks, I think I am all over it now. I certainly hope so!!!

  4. I hope you are all recovered and feeling perfectly well again?? Love the stitcheries and the old favourite looks great too. I hope the Three Peaks continues. It's a mammoth race.