Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I have been up to


We spent a few days in Hobart earlier this month with Lauren and these are the cushion covers I made for her.They took very little time to make using woollen blanketing and pearl thread in the bobbin of my very old Bernina that Lauren is borrowing.  It was great that the old girl can still perform so well. The covers will look better when I get the right size inserts for her.


This was the Black Forest Cake I made for lunch with friends on the long weekend.  It was from the Masterchef  magazine recipe by Gary Mehigan. Supposed to take 40 minutes to prepare and one hour to cook.  Well I don’t know how they did it in that time because it took me 6 hours all up,  with a couple of breaks. It was very well received, but I don’t think I will be making another one for some time. And those plates I served it on were dinner plates not bread and butter plates. It was an impressive height. It’s good to know I can still cook because as most people know Terry does most of the cooking these days.


Lynette’s buttons arrived this week for her first block of her My Garden BOM. They are disappearing very fast. I can’t wait to see the sample Leanne is busy stitching.

And last but not least my first Dear Jane border triangle! I never thought I would be making these but the bug has bitten and this is the first and I don’t think it will be the last.

We had a great get together today and welcomed a new member, Val.  She has moved to Launceston from St Helens and it was wonderful to get to know her and see the blocks she has made so far ( I forgot to take photos) and her carrot cupcakes were to die for.  Kate’s cream horns were on an equal par, I should have taken photos, then you could have seen what you missed out on Leanne.  Can’t wait til next month.


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  1. Fabulous cake, it must be very tall too!!! Six hours is a long time, I wouldn't be making it very often either!!!