Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This is my 50th post. There have been times when I thought I may not get to this point, but I have and I think I am getting a bit better at it. To celebrate this occasion I am giving away a fat eighth bundle of the fabrics shown, as well as a button pack from Lynette Anderson. We are using these fabrics to stitch our sample of Lynettes new Christmas Fun block of the month.

To win this pack leave a comment on my blog telling me what you like about my blog or what you would like me to see here.

Put this photo up on your blog and link back to me I will give you a bonus entry in the draw.

If you don't have a blog and are having problems leaving a comment email me and I will make sure you go in the draw.

I will look forward to you comments.

And what a great weekend it was. The weather here couldn't have been better.


  1. Wow, 50 posts, that's pretty good effort to fit those in around all your other crafty things!!
    Pretty greens!!

  2. Hi Lillian,
    very impressive that you have made it to 50 posts :)
    I like reading your blog to find out what's new in the shop and what projects you have been working on - so I can dream about my next project (UFO).

  3. Hi Lillian,

    Love the colors you have chosen for Christmas Fun - it may even persuade me to join - despite the rude groan I made in class the other day (just a result of my life in UFO's passing before my eyes at the thought of tackling something new!)

    Congrats on 50 posts - especially when life is so hectic!

    An idea for your blog: Is there a way to set up a gallery of customers FFO's (Fabulous Finished Objects!) This would be a great way to share the very creative and clever work people do - a great inspiration to the rest of us :)

    Cheers Kathy

  4. Hi Lillian,
    I enjoy seeing what's new in the shop, ideas for using the fabric selections you have, and what you have 'up your sleeve', such as potential future projects.
    And probably what you are up to.
    Congratulation on 50 blogs - keep it going, keep it regular. Always look forward to it.
    .. Sara

  5. Hey Lillian

    Well I always look to see whats new, totally agree with Kathy on the finished gallery of customers projects and I would love to see some of the quilts Leannes works on, with customers permission of course. would be interesting to see the wide range of quilts she quilts.

  6. Yey 50 posts! Hope to see many more!!
    I love to see what's new in the shop and what you're all working on.

  7. Lilian,
    Count me in - How about sneak in some videos/tutorials on the blog?