Sunday, March 20, 2011

Patchwork and glue products

Hi all, thanks so much to those who have posted comments recently, especially for my giveaway.

I am taking all suggestions on board and will try and give you what you are asking.

This post was going to be about something completely different. After a lovely weekend in Hobart, on arriving home, I went downstairs to find a backing for a quilt that Lauren had made for a friends baby and was distracted by the quilt top above. I haven't finished a quilt recently that I could put in the TQG exhibition and wasn't going to enter anything when I saw this top. It only needed another border to finish it so I pulled it out for a closer look.
The top was made many years ago before I owned a shop. I had made many round robin quilts with different groups and some of the girls from the Tuesday night group decided to join this one. I'm sorry I don't remember all the details but I think it was from the internet. People made their own quilts from the guidelines that were posted. We started with our own centre, then added a triangular border, next it was turned on point, then a chequerboard round was put on.
I'm not sure if the last round was stars or if it was my choice, anyway this was as far as I got with it before putting it away, til now.
The point I am about to make is that, if you look closely at the outside edge of the circle you will see some feint dots. These are dots of a well known glue that is supposed to wash away. Perhaps one is not supposed to leave it for 8-10 years before one washes it away. Cos after a very careful wash this afternoon the spots did not come out. I have always said I didn't like using glue on quilts, now I see why.
I have some thoughts on how to fix the problem, if I could just find that lovely floral (put away in a very safe place) I may finish another UFO.
If anyone out there remembers this round robin I would love hear from you.
By the way my 50th giveaway will finish at 7pm on the 31st March. So please enter soon.


  1. that quilt is lovely, I hope you get it finished after all this time.

  2. It's a lovely quilt Lillian - Shame about the glue spots.... Hugs - Fee X

  3. Beautiful quilt, You have the patience of Job LOL..
    Sorry the glue refuses to move .. A lesson for all of us.
    hugs pat :))