Sunday, August 21, 2011

Raelene's doyley bag

Raelene brought her new bag in to show us last week. Made from old doyley's, it was a wonderful piece of artwork. A lot of the embroidery was newly worked by Raelene.  Well Done!

A quiet Sunday at home, finishing sample projects for our Piecing and Pizza Night on Friday. Will put up photos later.
And playing with Terry's new camera.  Last weekend there wasn't a sign of blossom in my garden and yesterday my plum tree was covered. Hidden in amongst the blossom were several cobweb's covered in dew.  This one has disappeared today. 


  1. Love the bag Raelene, amazing stitching as always.
    Miss the blossom but sure sign that summer is not far away.
    Big Hugs Bec

  2. Lovely bag, and good luck with your P&P night. The blossoms are beautiful and the camera captures the web perfectly!!

  3. Looking forward to pizza night - but I thought the other 'P' meant Pinot...never mind, it will just have to be 'pinot, pizza and piecing' (note the order of importance!)